Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Waist disposal scenes

Crash scene - 100 precent done
Box Over Shoulder Shot - 100 precent done

But if any suggestions, I'll continue on working on them.

The speed of action will be increased in postproduction.

A new source of lights the scene 

Exposure increases as the meteorite is getting closer


  1. I like the animation, but my only problem is how I'm going to transition this into the dumpster rolling across the ground because it seems to be going forward as opposed to sideways.

    Could you upload the scene so I could get a better look at it?
    Also, if you have any suggestions on how to do it...

  2. i really like this, it's actually amazing! :)

  3. CHeers guys :)

    Yep, I was thinking about the continuation.
    Only us 4 who work on this for 15 weeks notice that there is a mild change in direction.
    I think all it matters is staging and cinematic aspects of it, there is what's called artistic license :D :D

    So lets say.. Earl, follow the storyboards and the description of the scene.

    but main thing is: make the scene look scatered, like all the boxes trash the one side of factory set.

    We don't need any fire , only the glowing pulsating box because the meteorite crash is of life matter and doesn't quite simply crash, rather invades the scene.

    also the box needn't have to be in the waist disposal as we planned. instead keep the waist disposal as a wall that interferes with camera's view (as it is drawn in one of the storyboard panels), camera slowly slowly tiltst up and we get a glimspe of a further down rolled box which now is glowing weird.

    then cut to a close up of the glowing pulsating box

    if you see needed, make few aditional shots so in postproduction we'd make it work.:)

  4. Yeah, Ok no problem :) Could you upload the scene to Mediafire so I can incorporate the boxs movement into the rolling scene? I want to make sure I have the right amount of boxes and there paths continue :)

  5. ups, yes, I forgot that,

    here it is :)


  6. Thanks a bunch JJ. This is the animation that I can't wait to get stuck into because of all the parts to it :)