Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Void Canvas Studio’s eagerly anticipated debut, brings an innovative re-imagination of the classic 1950’s B-Movie, with a refreshing twist.
On the eve that the most ambitious, and awaited product from world famous 'Toyland' is due to be released, the head toymaker of the company, begins to sift through the distribution section, to find that only one toy
doesnt quite meet the criteria. The 'discarded' toy, which lay abandoned in the trash outside the factory, soon becomes wanted, as an Alien Force pierces through our atmosphere, and collides with the toy, to use it's inanimate shell as a tool to manipluate, and grow to huge heights within the city

This seemingly normal night, soon falls into chaos as the race to stop this Alien Invasion threatens the world as we know it. With delicate relations between countries, accusations running high, the balance between them slowly deteriorate into panic. Only one man, the Toymaker has the power to take down his own defected creation, and defeat the 'Alien' threat.

Attack Of The 50ft Alien From Toyland reaches new levels of Horror, Paranoia and Science Fiction. Through the spectacle of CG, this motion picture will have you on the edge of your seat as the lines reality blurred.

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