Sunday, 2 January 2011


My family and I had a vomitting bug which has set me back a few days on the work regretably. But here's an update on where I am with the project. I'm currently working on the alien leg alongside the maya tutorials Alan gave us for this unit. At the moment, i'm doing the UV layout for the alien. I aim to have this completed today and move onto the next stage tomorrow. My other progress has been posted as i've gone along with the searchlight and army men marching scenes almost completed. The production line scenes are at the final stages too. Any other scenes that i'm involved with require the alien leg which is what i am working on now.

If you could all post an update on here or as a post so we know how far we are...


  1. An update in regards to me:
    My scenes are all done except for some minor details.
    Tommorow night I'll be adding those minor details and ending the day with all scenes 100% done.
    Tuesday onwards is animating:
    Rushing keeps,
    Tank shots,
    Meteor first shown,
    Factory exterior

    So these will be animated and completely finished, ready for rendering by the end of the week.

    Also Ethan, it your still mot 100%, then don't push yourself and make yourself feel worse :)

  2. Oh and the rolling dumpster (which I'm really looking forward too)

  3. Hope you are feeling better! :)

  4. Happy new year first of all :D
    And my progress.. I'm curently looking at scientist plan unpack scene, dumpster hit scene and texturing of foot print.

    So these should be finished in few days , then I'll go and concentrate on scientist scenes.

    Oh, Earl, so did you look at animating explosions? upload tests if so.