Saturday, 15 January 2011

To Bob and Ethan - How to send me your Renders

Hey Guys.
Jolantas asked me to show you guys how to send me your finshed scenes for rendering just in case you didn't know. Don't worry, its really simple.

Step 1:
Archive Your Project Folder:
A simple step. I assume you guys have winRAR (or similar) to extract files. Right click the entire project folder and go down to 'add to archive'.

Step 2:
That will bring up a window, all you have to do is press OK. That will archive the project folder, ready for sending.

Step 3:
Once thats done, go to, theres no need for an account, just click 'Upload to MediaFire'.

Step 4:
Click 'click here to upload' and select the archived RAR file (Media fire has a 200mb limit per upload. If your project scene is bigger, make sure theres nothing in there that I don't need, or split it into multiple uploads).

Step 5:
Wait for it to upload, then 'Copy Link'. Paste that link into a email or comment to me, then I'll be able to get it and render it :)


  1. There's a better way.
    All sign up for Dropbox/download the client (Very small!) Then one person makes a 'Void Canvas' folder and invites everyone else to be a part of that folder. So everyone will have a Void Canvas folder on their computer that is fully synced up to everyone elses. That way you just drag your files into it.

  2. I wish we had known about this at the beginning :( that would have made things so much easier. But I think at this stage of the game, we shouldn't mess with new things, especially since its only 2 ot 3 scenes...

  3. ahhh I had heard of drop box, I think KLED use it....i'll keep tht in mind for next time:) Thanks for the description Earl :)