Friday, 14 January 2011

Scenes Rendered so far:

Heres a rundown of the rendering progress:

Scenes already down (in temp folder)

Tanks (up and move)
Toymaker Map

Scenes done

The First Alarm Scene:

The City Rush Scene:

The Marching Army Shadows:

The Searchlight:

Second Alarm Scene:

Scenes uploading to Mediafire now:
Beam View Scene
Box Disposel
(The Beam View is to large for media fire so I have split it into two. This will be common place with the larger scenes.)

Scenes Rendering now:
The Factory scenes


  1. Hey Earl, i'm hoping to have the corridor scene and foot towards city shots sent to you tonight, did the compressed file get sent to you ok? cheers

  2. Yeah I got it fine. Just make sure that with the Corridor and Foot that you send me the whole project folder so I have the texture too :)

  3. Cool things here, but I suggest removing the URLs away from this post as I have them all already :)

  4. Yeah Ok, I just put them there if Ethan or Bob wanted them :)