Sunday, 9 January 2011

Render Settings

Tom's post in the Main group blog made me think of how we want to render out our trailer, so I went through the options and chose the settings we should use for the best results and time:

Render: Mental Ray

Common Tab:

Image Format: .iff (if you prefer another one then post in the comments)

Image Size:
Width: 1024
Depth: 576

Quality Tab:

Quality preset: Production

(For some scenes, such as the car rush and dumpster roll/explosion, I suggest we use Production: Motion Blur to make it look awesome and enhance the feeling of speed.)

I feel that these settings will give us the best possible outcome for our scenes, and we have to ensure that we all use the same when we render otherwise we may have a jarring difference in quality.

I would also like to add that I offer my PC up for rendering the big, high intensity scenes such as any that include the factory scene. I say this for two reasons:

1: I would feel really sucky if we are taking up computers from other people when I could do it overnight.

2: My computer is a beast :) I know it can handle any scene thrown at it and can render them out very quickly.


  1. , Earl, Thanks for this post :) Yeah, you're right about having the same parameters, and I'm sure we'll use/overuse your pc as well :D
    Also, meeting tuesday? (:]

  2. Haha, my pc is all ready to be used :)
    I can be in tuesday as long as I know what time. Travel from where I am can be a real bitch if I don't have a target time :)

  3. sounds good to me, i'm glad you're lending the services of your 'beast' cos i've only just realised how intense the interior of the factory is! :)

  4. Yeah, it seems that if you have more then 2 or 3 lights then Maya begins to struggle :)

  5. just out of curiosity, do we want to be completly finished, and rendered this week? also are we all going to have an equal part in the post production? I think we should all be there to be honest, we seem to spin idea's of each other really well :)

  6. I made a massive post here; Now was it deleted by someone or some sort of cock up on blogger? I sure hope someones not censoring me.

  7. @Bob, I think it would be best if the scenes were all rendering and completed this week. That's what I am aiming for anyway. We don't want to be stressing the night before deadline trying to get it done...

    And in regards to the work load in Post, I wouldn't think of it so mathematically as to dividing it out like that. It should be like we have done in Pre, and Prod, where we hand it out to those that are better in that field. For example, my strength is Prod, So I was able to take on a lot, While I'm not that strong at Pre or Post. I think we should hand the tasks to who's strongest in that field.

    Hope that's OK Bob :)