Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Production Line Development...

So i decided to go with Simon's advice of taking a bit of extra time to texture the pillars and the floor, which i must say was definitely worth while... This scene has come so far and after getting some help off Simon with the lighting and texturing those extra couple of things, i really feel like it's almost fully resolved and i'm almost happy to screen it...
One issue i have is that the shadows in the higher quality image are really grainy/noise, i was just wondering if anyone knew how to solve this problem?
Now i just need finish the scanning machine and Jolanta will be able to import the scientist tomorrow if all is well (fingers crossed).


  1. I have a feeling it is a bit too dar, Cause in our storyboards as well as in concept art, factory was the brightest environment.
    It feels like we could use one ambient light in the scene.
    But I actually .. feel like this is also what could work for us...
    Other then that, this is looking even more awesom!

  2. Oh yes, those textures have really brought it alive. Looks SO much better :) I think the grainy/noise shadows are because of the resolution of the 'depth map shadow'. The default is pretty low, so jacking that attribute up on the light should make it better. I'll show you tomorrow afternoon after Alans lesson :)

  3. I agree JJ, it does need brightening up still, maybe a tint of green in there... and that would be brilliant earl, it just needs those final touches i think...