Saturday, 8 January 2011

Production Line Beam View Complete Scene Playblast...

Unfortunately this scene seems to keep killing Maya on my laptop and it takes about 30 seconds to render each frame in low quality and nearly 50 seconds per frame in high quality... So here's a playblast of the shot and some high quality renders... However, I have a feeling that the Uni computers will run quicker than my laptop and handle the scene better, so maybe it will render quicker and freeze less on monday. Again, this is excluding any changes people suggest...

Changes to the scene include:

- Big storage boxes on the shelves.
- More Shelves.
- Two running conveyor belts instead of three.
- No big containers for the boxes to fall into.

1 comment:

  1. the massive boxes look a bit too soft and round. trhey should be rigid object i think. Also what texture are you planing to put on them? remember we've discussed to use Earl's type of box texturing ( if you went back to the stills of waist disposal scene you'd see what I mean)
    I believe we shouldn't miss this point, cause box texture complimewnts the very clean factory environment.
    I believe floors need some variation aswell as Alan noted