Monday, 17 January 2011

Post-Production Delegated Roles/Jobs...

Here's the list of jobs and delegated members for the final post-production checklist:

- Completed Trailer (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- Submission Documentation (ETHAN)
- Three 300dpi Stills (JOLANTA)
- Press Junket and Poster (ETHAN)
- Making Of... Document (BOB)
- Up-To-Date Studio Blog (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- Update Facebook (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- DVD Case and DVD Design (JOLANTA)
- DVD menu (ETHAN)

If I have missed anything out please let me know so i can update the checklist...


  1. cheers for the post, now its clear what is what :)

  2. Completed trailer... After 15 weeks, we get to see what we have been working towards... :)

  3. oh, so I'm not doing the dvd/case anymore?

  4. I didn't know you were asigned to do that.. we thought you had enough work with the making of?