Saturday, 15 January 2011

Post-Production Checklist...

Here's a list of the final things we need to complete for before hand-in... I think we should delegate roles so we can clearly identify who's responsible for what:

- Completed Trailer
- Submission Documentation
- Three 300dpi Stills
- Press Junket and Poster
- Making Of... Document
- Up-To-Date Studio Blog
- Update Facebook
- DVD Case and DVD Design
- DVD menu

If I have missed anything out please let me know so i can update the checklist... A group meting on Tuesday would be beneficial to identify if there are any jobs that still ned to be completed and to know who's doing what...

1 comment:

  1. My only bad feeling is that none of these are my strengths and would look terrible compared to what you guys could do. Having said that, I have just looked into rendering out at 300 dpi correctly, so on tuesday, we could decide what stills we would want...

    Back to rendering...