Sunday, 9 January 2011

The Making Of Examples

Here's a few examples of what I've done so far with The Making Of so far. I thought it'd be best to go with the cleaner look, like our Void Canvas Style, but take away some of the harshness of white, by adding some texture in the background. Also, for more text based pages I thought it'd be a good idea to overlay some images of our work to take away from the plainess also, as long as it's relevant to whatever the text is obviously.

I'll obviously have to do certain bits once I they been finished and finer details like page numbers/picture details, such as production/post-production, and the contents page, so I'm going to try and work my way around the ones I can at the moment. Also, the front page....has anyone got any more idea's for that yet? me and earl agreed perhaps a segmentated picture with other picture would look nice as a round up of our work, but anyone want to expand on that?

I got a bit stuck on how to make the synopsis a bit more fuller, perhaps i'll add some screen shots from our finished peice at a later that....but any design idea's/thoughts/comments so far?


  1. for the front page we could use concept art for the alien eye or leg towards city... I think they are strong contenders for the front page maybe?

  2. Hmmm yeah, I quite like the eye idea

  3. ahh yeah, I might just go ahead and whack one out and see what we think then....also...WE NEED A GROUP PHOTO! Because we're awesome...

    I thought during post prodution/rendering, we could perhaps work on the posters together or somthing and print them out and post them around uni? and take pictures so we can put them in the making of?

    YOLA! You know how you've posted development stages for the concept art, and did a video of the city one, do you think you post the stages of the city, it's the only one I havent got :(

    Oh, and one more thing, what would you say to us writing say a paragraph each of our experience of the Narrative Project, and putting it in the 'Foward' of 'The Making Of'? Thought that might be a nice touch, along with a picture of each of us next to the passage?

  4. Hey Bob - be sure to grammar and spell check any copy before you commit; for instance, in the opening paragraph you've got an 'it's' when it should be 'its' and a 'there' instead of a 'their'...

    You only use 'it's' as a shortening of 'it is', and 'their' is used when something belongs to someone (their blue eyes, their clothes, their toy factory), while 'there' is used as in 'over there, on there, off there'.

    Any thing that is going to be published needs to be proof-read.

  5. ahhhhh noooo!!! lol, I read your comment thinking it was about blogging hahah....I just realised what you meant. I copied that section from an earlier post, I noticed there was some spelling errors, I guessed I missed some, wish photoshop had a checker of sorts haha...I'll get right on that thanks alot :)

  6. Also, i'd reconsider the font. It feels so stretched. Maybe a taller font and have it span over another page. It just gives the feeling that you tried to squash it in somehow. Make the written by Bob Sparks a lot smaller too. Doesn't need to be so large, it's larger than the main text.

    Also, check 'The Art of Guild Wars 2'; I got this book as a Christmas gift and it has some awesome examples of work being used for backgrounds in it. I'll have to bring it down and show you some time, might give you some more ideas regarding the other pages.

  7. I'll take that as the title font jon? Yeah I doo see what you mean about it being slightly bigger, I wasnt to sure wether I should keep consistency of the sizes on each page though so when there together they don't feel so misplaced.

    Really like those pages though man, I've been looking at the Monsters vs aliens book, which is alot more clean cut, I tried to find better examples, but then I wasnt sure what would fit with both our ident and work...but yeh, bring it over soon! is that Kekai Kotaku anywho?

  8. I mean the main body of text Bob, it just feels too stretched. I'd use a cleaner font like arial or something. You should have a rule of thumb for everything, example:

    Title - Arial : Font size 24
    Body - Arial : Font size 12
    Sub Title - Arial : Font size 16

    Establish the rules and use them throughout and it will feel consistent. Also, from a graphic design point of view, stay away from Serif fonts. Stick to San Serif, they are a lot cleaner.

  9. The default San Serif fonts are Arial and Tahoma. I think there's more, but these 2 are the ones I tended to use the most.

  10. You're right Bob, we are awesome...

    In regards to the 'Forward' I love that idea. An inner view from the four people that worked on it and how they feel about the project. I think we should all write up one for it defiantly.