Saturday, 8 January 2011

The 'Making Of' Document

Hey guys....I'm just going through all the blog and saving all of our stuff to put into 'The Making Of' doc.....(borrrrreeeee), and was just wondering if you could perhaps take/find some nice development shots for your models/scenes that are completed, perhaps also in stages? I know we're still in the production stage so there's no rush just yet, but It's just I know that some of the ones that have been posted are prodominately just to get straight to the point and aren't there to look pretty lol. So I was just wondering if any of you are going to be in on monday at all so I could grab these, and maybe have a group chat?

Also Ethan, I dropped you a comment on FB to see if you wanted me to knock up a texture for the legs...not sure if you've been online or not :)


  1. I won't be in Monday (work) but I should be able to get you some shots next week of the models in different stages :)

  2. ah ok man, no worries sounds good though....when will you be in next? it'll be good to have a rendevous :)

  3. I can be in tuesday if the team needs me in :)

  4. well, lets see what if people can make it first...

    Oh, also, in regards to the making of, would it be safe to assume it's a concept artbook of sorts, with additional information obviously?

    I've been thinking of the front cover, and lookin at a few different book covers, and I think we should perhaps have some artwork on the first page along with the title etc...but I've been stuck with what image we could use....

    I've thought we don't want to give to much information away, so I've been stuck between either the Meteor, and image of the city, toy factory or a seperate image altogether I could make in a sketchy.....or pehaps, have a mixture of all of a split screen style?

    sorry, im just brainstorimg as I type lol, but I want us all to have some say as this is a summary of our work :) Idea's Wanted!

  5. Yeah, I imagine it like a more detailed character bible. For the front page, how about Harpo? Like have the front page/image split into three segments, the left segment is draft of Harpo, the middle seg is a sketchy one and the right the final Harpo, That way it has what is essentially the main driving force of our trailer and symbolises the process.
    Like This:

  6. Ahhh yeah, I see what you mean, that's the same idea I had with the different pieces spliced together...I like the idea of harpo, but I dnt think there's been much development for him, other than the initial idea ethan drew, and then yola's version, with added poster effect...So im not sure if would have the right effect...

    I think the segmentation could possibly the way foward though :)