Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Maker's Comments...

For the press junket i have a section where the maker's write their comments on the trailer/movie itself, just bigging it up for the press basically. I just need a small paragraph that reviews the film in a good way basically. If you could write your comments on this post please so that i can add them to the press junket...


  1. hey, I'll add my little paragraph here....

    Attack Of The 50ft Alien From Toyland is a brave, artistic, contemporary piece that recognises the golden age of the B-Movie era, and intergrates it with CG Animation, to add a fresh new surface to today's Sci-Fi/Thriller market.

  2. nice, i'm liking that very much :)

  3. ahhh, wasnt sure wether it was going to be too much lol

  4. Heres mine:

    Void Canvas's debut is a revival of the movie genre that controlled 1950s Cinema. Combining old with new, We are starting a brand new era in modern movies that 'Attack of the 50ft Alien From Toyland' will lead.

  5. Attack of 50 ft Alien from Toyland was inspired by retro B-movies with many themes lying underneath it, for instance, fear of atomic war, military’s blunt attitude towards any problem solving.

    But films main theme is creator’s and creation’s (father/son) relationship and responsibility to one another. Most importantly the story is a metaphorical embodiment of what might be the causes of irresponsible dereliction , in other words, that a neglected creation might get back with it’s fullest strength in anger seeking for revenge, or … eventual acceptance?

    Apart from that film aims to entertain contemporary audience with both using well established film language and innovative approach to underpinning themes.

    Bob, you comment is awesom, you could say that on crit! ((:D

  6. OOOOO, I think Jolanta just nailed... ahhh yeah! hehe

  7. boom, yola....straight up hahah

  8. Cheers guys :D
    NO but really, these could be our presentation speeches?
    like... each one of us concisely summarizes an aspect of film:
    Over all direction, theme ( me)
    Plot ( Ethan maybe?)
    studio's art point of view ( Bob?)
    CG land ( Earl? and we could discuss this tomorrow)