Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Jeep Rush Scene

Another Short scene finished for the trailer. We can add camera shake in post-production:

I wanted to make sure the cinema in the background was visable so I placed the camera strategically even though it is for only a split second...


  1. Hey Earl,

    The vehicles do seem to be travelling too fast? This maybe, of course, due to the fact that I'm watching provisional footage, but right now in this fragment of footage, it feels unnaturally quick and a bit awkward on the eye... do forgive me if I'm jumping the gun...

  2. No that's ok Phil,
    I did feel something was 'off'. I'll go back over it.

  3. I agree here :) But even with slight timing mistakes the shot delivers its impact. So if you just go back and tweak things up ( asking yourself "Would I buy this sofa for my house?", as we have discussed before holidays :D :D remember? ) Its gonna work even better :)

  4. Yeah, at this speed it feels a little whimsical like there should be some sort of chase scene music being played. Would do with being slowed down.