Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Foward Comments

Hey guys, if you just want to post your foward comments in here, basically describing your experience of this project, such as working in a team, as well as the b-movie style and what you may have learned...perhaps good and bad points also?


  1. Here comes a mushy Foreword:

    No one said this would be easy. It certainly wasn’t, but I believe it’s all been worth. This is the project that I am most proud of, from every aspect. 15 weeks ago, we were put into our groups and set to work. From the get-go, it was obvious that our group had diversity and the ability to bring excellence to the table. There were moments in the project where my moral slumped, but seeing the work of my studio members and everything falling into place, renewed my passion. All in all, these 15 weeks have been hard, but I have learnt so much and am so happy with the final product. I am proud to be a part of Void Canvas Studios, and as a final note, thank you Bob, Ethan and Jolanta.

  2. From the very first day we got our random titles up till this moment I am excited to have experienced this. It felt as we’ve followed and acted out a film scenarios ourselves : from becoming directors, designers and managers to envisioning ourselves as a true studio which is producing a true film ( film trailer).
    Because of this project I’ve acquired great respect to and valuation of each step of filmmaking from its concept to definition, and most notably what it takes to produce a successful project: a team of enthusiasm, diligence and honesty filled people.
    Special thanks to Ethan, for all time support. Big thanks to Earl, for willingness to do what it takes to “make it happen” and Bob, for his spot-on critiques and feedback 

  3. From the moment i became aware of this group i was excited. Working with other people always gives me the incentive to push myself further and learn/develop new skills. I must say that this project certainly didn't disappoint my expectations, as at the end of 15 weeks i finally have a piece of work that i know i'll be proud of when screened. Special thanks to Jolanta, Bob and Earl from bringing out the best in me and producing a wonderful trailer that thoroughly reflects the hard work put into each and every stage of our pipepline. Hopefully Void Canvas Studio will have the opportunity to collaborate on further projects together