Thursday, 13 January 2011

Foot Towards City Renders...

Here's various test renders of the foot towards city shot... I've just been playing around with the composition and models in the scene to see what works and what doesn't... I've duplicated the ground plane that Earl modeled and put it on the opposite side of the river. I think this looks better... Please give feedback on the what elements you like from the images, if any...

Image #1:

Image #2:

Image #3:

Image #4:

Image #5:

Image #6:

Image #7:


  1. WOw, I love number 6 or those where you can see the leg.
    But for compositional purposes, put the leg more to the side of screen, so we see more of the city, as if to put the message "it" is heading for the city.

    everything else works. Maybe just make one of the lights from side colour more saturated ( not brighter, but a bit more saturated)

    I don't know what other say, but I love the shader you have creted, and the texture :)

  2. I think they may be to dark for the uni computers... I had this problem as well with some of my scenes. They look great at home but on the uni computers there to dark. I judge by looking at them on my iPad, and there too dark to see.

    Just up the intensity of the lights and it'll be all good :).


    JJ or Bob, could you post tomorrow when you see these at uni to tell us if there bright enough?

  3. You've got some nice renders. However there is one main problem. But don't worry, it is an easy fix.
    I think that they are just too dark.

    Its really the main difference between lighting a real life scene, and lighting a scene for film.
    Unless it is a scary horror sort of film, set in sewers deep undergroud, with only a dim torch which keeps cutting out, your scenes shouldn't be this dark. I have a super bright monitor and I can tell you that at the moment they appear almost pitch black.

    If you look at this film still from the terminator.

    It is shot at night time, but it is still brightly lit, by moonlight. So it would be good to try and replicate this kind of lighting, but with the greens instead. Also what might help is if the water has some specular highlights.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Once again Ethan, youre feeback is always muchly appreciated and it seems that everyone agrees the scenes should be much brighter... I'm glad you've suggested that cos it actually looks pk on my screen... I think i'm going to go for something like images 5 and 6 with the leg covering the left side of the image leaving a clear image of the city towards the right of the shot...

  5. thats some awesome piece of advice Etahn! I wish I also get such constructive critisism more eftenly

    I'd go with this advice Ethan ( the other one) :)

  6. just a quick note, the screens at uni....i can hardly see anything...i can justmake out an

  7. yeah, i'm gonna go with earls advice and change the brightness according to my iphone, because it's mega dark on there too...

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