Thursday, 6 January 2011

Factory establishing shot

And here is the 'establishing the factory shot.


(Crudely) Rendered out

(I made a mistake when rendering so thats why it looks a little jumpy and very poor quility. It wouldn't be like that on the final render)

So thats added onto the 100% list

I've just upped the brightness abit because it seemed to dark. I also carried on the camera movement from start to finish, frame wise. I didn't see the point of doing another post for such minor changes, when you can see the animation)


  1. me again :)

    From an editing point of view, I'd like to reiterate what Ethan suggested earlier - about giving yourself some 'trim' in terms of the final edit. At the moment you have have pan shot coming to a halt, but my experience with editing suggests that you should keep this shot in motion for the duration of the clip, so you can edit to it/from it always on a continuous movement. It will just help the flow of your edit. Just give yourself all the options at this stage, because things change fast in the post-production stage. I'm not suggesting you make this shot longer, I just mean keep the tracking shot going for the duration of the scene.

  2. hey man, i'll get that sign to you as quick as possible, hopefully end of monday :)

  3. Yeah ok, I'll change it now. I need to up the brightness anyway.

  4. You're a bit of a trooper, Earl! I'd be interested to hear what you're thinking about re. your transcription project: I think we need to establish a really strong, solid base - with a clear aesthetic you can take forwards into cg in an immediate way. You've responded really well to working in a team dynamic, and I'd suggest some of this due to the fact you haven't had to worry about the pre-production/2d stuff that has sometimes sapped your confidences. We need to establish something that has a lot of that stuff in place to begin with, so you can get on with the business of making it cg-tastic. My thinking cap is on...

  5. The cameras move is way to fast I;'m afraid.. the movement is of slowest nature, and much longer, as everyone saidf here, for editting purposes. it is always only easy to speed it up in post productiopn.

  6. Ok Jolanta, I'll change it and put up another play blast :)