Friday, 7 January 2011

Dumpster Roll/Glow Box Scene - 100%

So I've finished work on the dumpster scene which is a continuation of Jolantas impact shot. I won't render it now, but I think we should motion blur on this (like in my screenshots) for added effect. Below is the Playblast.

Some background:

A dumpster weighs about 600 lbs, so I didn't imagine it pirouetting around the sky. It would make it look comical and unreal. So I instead opted for the initial lift from impact followed by a hitting the floor and skidding to the camera, where the camera would move and see the Toy box which is glowing in the render...


  1. I need to up the brightness again for these scenes for some displays...

  2. i love the roll man, especially the animation of the little parts coming out....great job :)

  3. Oh yeah, that's how we roll at void canvas

  4. Wow, isn't motion blur going to be very expensive or smthng? it looks good though :)
    I believe we'll tweak things when we meet ( tuesday I suggest? ) just few camera speeds. Like wen camera tilts up, its a bit to fast. Just slow camera move sort of savour the moment, and tention, and that is what we are constantly going for :)
    but other than that I love your choise of animation :)

  5. Motion blur is just a setting in rendering. Yeah, it may add a little time in rendering but the end result will look all the better for it. The ident has a motion blur on it and it looks all the better for it.
    The camera is a tad fast but as you said, we can always tweak that later or even slow it in Post if needed :)