Saturday, 15 January 2011

Discussion for Closing Shot

I think I  have an idea for our closing shot!.
instead of using the tail hits the monitor we could use the creator meets creation shot.

what do you all think?

because come this is what our trailer speaks  all the time, and we could ephasize the point  that creator who irresponcibly neglected his creation will eventually have to face it.

I believe this would be as impactfull as our originally planned shot, but the advantage is Ethan wouln't have to worry about animating that extra scene with tail hitting the camera anymore.

And I've checked the soundtrack and all, it seems that everything  crys for this scene to be used as the closing shot.

let me know your thoughts :)


  1. If you think about it, that makes perfect sense. Our story is the creator confronting his creation, so it makes sense that the trailer should reflect that. Plus it teases the audience...

    'Oh My god, we're about to finally see the monster!'
    Cut to black - Titles
    (OMG!!!! I have to see this!)

  2. Well...I think either way works well, It still carries of the same effect as the puddle shot, whcih I originally thought was the better way to end...but does the tail come into any other aspect of the shots in the trailer? it seems somewhat dissapointing on Ethan's behalf..

  3. I think this 'meeting scene' idea is a strong one, JJ - it makes that relationship into the core message - a sort of Frankenstein/Prometheus story. There's also an elegance to it.

  4. Have we got idea's for the style of the shot? becuase I think maybe a slow pan from below the character as the creature comes into the shot would work nicely?

  5. I had a feeling it could add a nice touch to the trailer , Phil :)
    as for the shot idea, I might suggest one in a sec.