Saturday, 15 January 2011

Corridor Scene for Earl...

Here's the project file for the corridor scene, there should only be one scene in there so it should be ready for you to render... Please render frames 1-170...


  1. Righto Ethan, I'll add that to my render list.

  2. I have an idea for our closing shot!.
    instead of using the tail hits the monitor we could use the creator meets creation shot.

    what do you all think?

    because come to think about it this is what our trailer speaks about all the time, so why not emphasizing this point ( that creator who irresponcibly neglected his creation will eventually have to face it)

    I believe this would be as impactfull as our originally planned shot, but the advantage is Ethan wouln't have to worry about animating that scene anymore.

    And I've checked the soundtrack and all seems to cry for this scene to be used at the closing shot ((:]

    let me know your thoughts :)

  3. im definitely in favour of that, i've often thought that it would be a good final shot... If we use that, does it come before or after the montage of flashbacks at the end?