Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Completed Tank Scenes

And here are the completed Tank scenes (Tanks Aim Up and Tanks Roll Forward)

(For the best look, play it in HD and fullscreen :) )

Tanks Aim Up:

Tanks Roll Forward:

So for the scene, I added some lights and explosions to emphasise the battlefield nature to symbolise lights in the distance and helicopters flying over the top etc...

All scenes have been rendered with Maya Software at 'Preview' quility.

These scenes are now 100% complete and I'm happy to move onto the 'Rushing Car' Scene :)


  1. Well Earl :) I believe you've captured our ideas :) I personaly as I believe other, am very happy to see this :D
    We'll have the finilising touch-ups when we come back ( example - extra lights attached only to tanks, for them to stand out in the scene, or add some animation to camera, so it moves like a slowest turtle, but still moves :D )
    Mut yes, 95 percent is succesfully done by you ! (:D

  2. Oh yeah the red lights, I forgot those. Yeah I'll add those, they'll only take ten mins to add so I'll do that later. Obviously I won't bother uploading it again for a few red lights :)

  3. yeah sure, but red light I believe won't be enough. As in it is advisable to have fill light, sculpt light and rim light for the objects in scene to pop out and no longer be blended with the background. especially in ou case where we have night scenes.

    But these are easy treats :) Like you said, you can move onto next one's and we all together will work on little details ( like I'll definitely need your help woth all the bomb stuff I believe :D :D )

  4. I look at that final render, and it looks great. You say though that the tank does not stand out (which regrettably, it doesn't atm), but I would also consider, instead of adding more light onto the tank, but instead, behind the tank. Because those tanks are incredibly detailed models, so they could produce a fantastic silhouette. You can see what I mean on the first background explosion.

    Perhaps that is something you were going for with the explosions in the background anyway. Try both... as you say, give the tanks a bit more light, but also try make their silhouettes stronger. So your 'cutting out' more than you are 'popping out.'
    Its worth a try.
    Hope this advice is useful.