Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Combined UV Layouts...

Body and Tail:

Feet and Claws:

Legs and Accessories:

Here's the previous UV layouts combined into sections... Who's in charge of painting the texture for the alien? and when do we want it painted?


  1. Well, as we agreed, we all work on scenes asigned, so if you gave the leg you should texture it.

  2. sounds good to me :) any particular colour scheme you wanted me to use?

  3. Green should be a major part of it :). I always imagined it being like it looked scaly with different shades of green...

  4. yeah, green, but make it cold, blue ish green.
    Also though the base colour is green, its always usefull to see variation : blue, violets ect.
    Just try to bring lots of info on that leg, you know, just to trick the eye, there's lots happening