Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Before we relax!!

Hey guys, for the making of, I tried to go through the files/folders at uni, but some of them were so displaced, and hidden away in other folders, I wasnt sure which ones to take images from for our making of, so I im going to have to ask one last thing from you before we relax....there's not much so dont panic! If you could maybe set up the view the same each time that would be great, with the wireds, and plain models a screencap will do,

Earl....I have a small list for you, if you could take the vehicles out from the shots.
Military Landscape: Wireframe, model, render
Toyland Exterior (with sign) Wireframe, model

Ethan...I had to add these ones but ill put the others as a reminder
toymaker, corridor
toyland interior (without toymaker, wireframe model render) and alien leg wireframe model and render.

and yola....I wasnt sure what scene to use for the city, (there were so many!!!! lol) so could you please just pop me out a: wireframe, model and render :)

And just upload them to here, I'll delete straight after. sorry it's so sudden x


  1. oh, and ethan, i need your foward, posters, and yola the dvd/disc design, and group picture :)

  2. my forward is on the original post you did :)


    here's the poster, it won't upload to blogger for some reason, so could you upload it for me bud? cheers... i'll get those wireframes to you asap