Thursday, 13 January 2011

Animation loss

Please can you all check if in case you have a scientist project files and a working maya scene: Scientist walk animation (With Infinity Cycle).mb

It appears I dont have it working anymore, and it is lost :/
I worked the animation on maya 2011.


  1. Man that sucks, but I think I may have found something. In the scientist_character project folder that I have, in the scenes for the render folder is the walk cycle and the infinate file, but the infinate file is empty. I'm not sure what has happened to that but I do have the walk cycle if that helps?

    I can't begin to imagine how bad this must make you feel :(

  2. Also, I looked into different render settings, and can't really find any way to make it look better with Mental Ray. We'll just have to stay as we are :)

  3. Thanks Earl, I do have the walk cycle , begining of it. Stange.. cause even if I accidentally deleted something there would be some bits left in the scene, but it is washed out completely.. not a cheerfull day today for me.. at all.. :(
    And thanks for looking into the render settings. today's eveneing I'll send you the ready files for rendering so you could get them ready. and as we agreed, send the links to me at

  4. Hey JJ - poor you :-( I hope the situation can be salvaged - especially in light of how mouthwatering some of the work is looking now. Don't get down - get busy! Let me know how it goes...

  5. Thanks alot Phil, hopes are it is not as bad as it looks, we still have time. Hopefully,as usual, reconstructing something takes half the time it took before.

  6. OK JJ, these are the scenes done and are in the temp folder:

    Both Tank scenes
    And the Toymaker Map scenes.

    I plan to email you the next batch tomorrow night :) These should include the factory scenes and the city rush

  7. I have those you've rendered succesfully.And yeah, tomorrow night is cool :)

  8. you know, everyone - at some time on this course - has this experience, JJ - maybe this was your turn, and maybe that means it doesn't happen to you ever again! :)