Monday, 10 January 2011

11/01/11 Meeting?

Are we having a meeting tommorow down in the baseroom? I know that Ethan can't make it tomorrow, but I can if you (Bob and Jolanta) want or need me there. Because of travel, I can't just drop into Uni, so I need it planned out. If you do want/need me tomorrow, is 11:00 good for you guys?

Just drop me a comment :)

(I'll delete this post to keep the blog clean :) )


  1. yup, 11 sounds good, I'll be in from 10 anywho so yeah it's all good :)

  2. Yeah :) I'm there and ready to work on our project :)

  3. i'll be in very first thing to chat, but i'll need to leave at about 10.15... but i'll make sure i leave the files for the production line scene and also, i'll make a folder for final scenes so any completed scenes can go straight into there...