Thursday, 20 January 2011

Attack of 50 ft Alien from Toyland Official trailer

Making of... Progress...

Bob, can you please post an update on the progress of the making of... and how far along it is, cos you're kind of leaving us in the blue here...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Alien Wireframes For Bob...

I need to render the proper textured version of this in uni as i think the textures are all setup in the maya project for the final shot Jolanta and i did...

Production Line Wireframes For Bob...

Corridor Wireframes For Bob...

Toymaker Wireframes For Bob...

Poster Update

The changed poster, to keep it updated:
Ethan, Could you also  post your's? )

Press Junket Material: Cards

City Scene Progression Images

Group Photo

Uploading Issues...

Hey guys, i'm having problems with uploading at the moment because the connection doesn't seem to be that great... sorry about that

To Bob - The pictures

Here are the pics you wanted -


Model -

Wireframe -

Render -

Factory -

Model -

Wireframe -

Theatrical Poster...

The eagerly awaited theatrical poster has finally been produced for Void Canvas' production, 'Attack of the 50ft Alien from Toyland'...

Jobs to be completed...

I reserve this post for comments on anything that still needs to be done and for everyone to update on who's doing what...

- T've put the relevant pages into our powerpoint, but it wont send to Jolanta so we can make some last minute changes in the morning if needed.
- The press junket just needs to be finalised and printed, before being put into a folder.
- The poster is complete.
- The Submission form just needs to be proof read and printed off.
- Business cards need to be printed tomorrow.

Please comment with anything that still needs to be done, even if you are currently working on it.

Post for Jolanta...

Could you please upload the group photo and also, what were you gonna give me off your memory stick earlier cos you never got round to doing it? I'll also send you a copy of the powerpoint so you can let me know what you think and add/remove anything you want... :)

Before we relax!!

Hey guys, for the making of, I tried to go through the files/folders at uni, but some of them were so displaced, and hidden away in other folders, I wasnt sure which ones to take images from for our making of, so I im going to have to ask one last thing from you before we relax....there's not much so dont panic! If you could maybe set up the view the same each time that would be great, with the wireds, and plain models a screencap will do,

Earl....I have a small list for you, if you could take the vehicles out from the shots.
Military Landscape: Wireframe, model, render
Toyland Exterior (with sign) Wireframe, model

Ethan...I had to add these ones but ill put the others as a reminder
toymaker, corridor
toyland interior (without toymaker, wireframe model render) and alien leg wireframe model and render.

and yola....I wasnt sure what scene to use for the city, (there were so many!!!! lol) so could you please just pop me out a: wireframe, model and render :)

And just upload them to here, I'll delete straight after. sorry it's so sudden x

Unedited stills to Bob

Teaser Trailer

Is Baked and working :) Built around ideas we had for it.
Also, I'd suggest marketing department ( Ethan) upload this on our void canvas page in facebook, as well as maybe other studio members want to upload them as well, just to crash the space :D

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Foward Comments

Hey guys, if you just want to post your foward comments in here, basically describing your experience of this project, such as working in a team, as well as the b-movie style and what you may have learned...perhaps good and bad points also?

Maker's Comments...

For the press junket i have a section where the maker's write their comments on the trailer/movie itself, just bigging it up for the press basically. I just need a small paragraph that reviews the film in a good way basically. If you could write your comments on this post please so that i can add them to the press junket...
Void Canvas Studio’s eagerly anticipated debut, brings an innovative re-imagination of the classic 1950’s B-Movie, with a refreshing twist.
On the eve that the most ambitious, and awaited product from world famous 'Toyland' is due to be released, the head toymaker of the company, begins to sift through the distribution section, to find that only one toy
doesnt quite meet the criteria. The 'discarded' toy, which lay abandoned in the trash outside the factory, soon becomes wanted, as an Alien Force pierces through our atmosphere, and collides with the toy, to use it's inanimate shell as a tool to manipluate, and grow to huge heights within the city

This seemingly normal night, soon falls into chaos as the race to stop this Alien Invasion threatens the world as we know it. With delicate relations between countries, accusations running high, the balance between them slowly deteriorate into panic. Only one man, the Toymaker has the power to take down his own defected creation, and defeat the 'Alien' threat.

Attack Of The 50ft Alien From Toyland reaches new levels of Horror, Paranoia and Science Fiction. Through the spectacle of CG, this motion picture will have you on the edge of your seat as the lines reality blurred.

Monday, 17 January 2011

DVD Template's Base Painting and Final Cover

And a poster:

Post to Bob

Hey, I'm working on dvd template atm and was thinking to put the synopsis ( or a bit of it ) on the dvd template.
Can you copy paste the synopsis on here? The one you wrote before

Thanks in advance :)

Stills for Attack of 50 ft Alien from Toyland

Toy factory busy at night
Toymaker Inspects the Toy
Creator Meets the Creation

Here are the 3 edited stills for our Press Junket. Each still illustrates a major point and an environment in our trailer. So these can go now to both, the making of and disc menu :)

Military Scene Complete

Okay, I've fully rendered the military chest scene! I'll sorty out the filrs etc tommorow with's just a screen from it :

Post-Production Delegated Roles/Jobs...

Here's the list of jobs and delegated members for the final post-production checklist:

- Completed Trailer (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- Submission Documentation (ETHAN)
- Three 300dpi Stills (JOLANTA)
- Press Junket and Poster (ETHAN)
- Making Of... Document (BOB)
- Up-To-Date Studio Blog (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- Update Facebook (VOID CANVAS STUDIO)
- DVD Case and DVD Design (JOLANTA)
- DVD menu (ETHAN)

If I have missed anything out please let me know so i can update the checklist...

Post for Earl RE: Toyland Scene

Hey earl, I cant seem to find that scene you gave me with the imported toyland!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Post for Ethan RE: Textures

Hey, Im not sure if you got them, I text you, and also emailed you about the textures, including the actual editted file, but you havent got back to m with any feedback of images of how it looks, so I havent been able to do anything more for it. I'm actually going to bed now so I can get an early start tommorow, so I'm just letting you know incase you get back to me later tnite. I hope your in tommorow so we can sort it out, But i'll be in from 9 onwards.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Creator Meets the Creation Shot Ideas

As for the shot idea,  to my mind, plot suggests camera move here as well .

The idea is  to further  emphasize the relationship between  two characters and embody it via  camera move itself.
From  "aliens point of view" camera moves and stays with main character's "toymakers point of view".
It is only symbolic, camera never moves directly from allien's supposed head, in order to avoid crazy camera  kinetics.

It looks like all is serving to us:  the shot not only concludes the trailer but also ads a dynamic finishing to it.
(  also if you went back to the animatic  and listen to the closing shot sound track, it fits as well :D )

Discussion for Closing Shot

I think I  have an idea for our closing shot!.
instead of using the tail hits the monitor we could use the creator meets creation shot.

what do you all think?

because come this is what our trailer speaks  all the time, and we could ephasize the point  that creator who irresponcibly neglected his creation will eventually have to face it.

I believe this would be as impactfull as our originally planned shot, but the advantage is Ethan wouln't have to worry about animating that extra scene with tail hitting the camera anymore.

And I've checked the soundtrack and all, it seems that everything  crys for this scene to be used as the closing shot.

let me know your thoughts :)

Corridor Scene for Earl...

Here's the project file for the corridor scene, there should only be one scene in there so it should be ready for you to render... Please render frames 1-170...

Scale of Monstorcity Scene

Another shot ready for rendering. So Earl, I'll send it to you soon :)

To Bob and Ethan - How to send me your Renders

Hey Guys.
Jolantas asked me to show you guys how to send me your finshed scenes for rendering just in case you didn't know. Don't worry, its really simple.

Step 1:
Archive Your Project Folder:
A simple step. I assume you guys have winRAR (or similar) to extract files. Right click the entire project folder and go down to 'add to archive'.

Step 2:
That will bring up a window, all you have to do is press OK. That will archive the project folder, ready for sending.

Step 3:
Once thats done, go to, theres no need for an account, just click 'Upload to MediaFire'.

Step 4:
Click 'click here to upload' and select the archived RAR file (Media fire has a 200mb limit per upload. If your project scene is bigger, make sure theres nothing in there that I don't need, or split it into multiple uploads).

Step 5:
Wait for it to upload, then 'Copy Link'. Paste that link into a email or comment to me, then I'll be able to get it and render it :)

Corridor Shot Final Render...

Here's an avi render of the corridor shot as i am unable to send the file to Earl at the moment because it is too big to handle...

Post-Production Checklist...

Here's a list of the final things we need to complete for before hand-in... I think we should delegate roles so we can clearly identify who's responsible for what:

- Completed Trailer
- Submission Documentation
- Three 300dpi Stills
- Press Junket and Poster
- Making Of... Document
- Up-To-Date Studio Blog
- Update Facebook
- DVD Case and DVD Design
- DVD menu

If I have missed anything out please let me know so i can update the checklist... A group meting on Tuesday would be beneficial to identify if there are any jobs that still ned to be completed and to know who's doing what...

Post for Earl...

Earl, will you be in monday morning because some of the files are too big to send to you and i was thinking i could give them to you then. I've decided to do low quality avi renders for the time being so we can use those in the trailer whilst waiting for you to complete the high quality renders. That way Jolanta can still edit the sound and add any effects, and when the final renders come in we can replace the old ones and paste the attributes of the effects to the new footage.

Post for Bob...

I've pretty much finished my alien foot towards city shot now, and i'm aiming to have finished the last couple of alien shots by sunday and i really need those textures so i can get the scenes sent off to earl for rendering as Jolanta will need the scenes first thing on monday so she can be working on the sound and we can put the trailer together... Also, i really need an update on how the general's chest and newspaper shots are going as well as whether the toyland logo scene is complete because it's getting really tight for time and a last minute rushed scene wouldn't benefit our trailer in any way at all...

Aside from that, i think you could be considering the design for the DVD case and DVD itself, and i'm hoping to put together a cool dvd menu using a radar after effects tutorial layered with footage from the trailer and sound, with buttons that navigate to the various pieces of work we've done from video to stills... So basically, if you could design a cool cover for the case and dvd, that would be awesome...

Friday, 14 January 2011

Progression Sheet 14/01/2011...

Here's an update on the progression sheet as promised. I just need to know if there are any changes in percentages and also, an update on the images from the scenes. How far are the general's chest, newspaper shot and Toyland logo bob? it would be useful to have a percentage and image for the time being...

Scenes Rendered so far:

Heres a rundown of the rendering progress:

Scenes already down (in temp folder)

Tanks (up and move)
Toymaker Map

Scenes done

The First Alarm Scene:

The City Rush Scene:

The Marching Army Shadows:

The Searchlight:

Second Alarm Scene:

Scenes uploading to Mediafire now:
Beam View Scene
Box Disposel
(The Beam View is to large for media fire so I have split it into two. This will be common place with the larger scenes.)

Scenes Rendering now:
The Factory scenes

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Earl's Email Address...

Hey Earl, i'm ready to send you the marching army men scene if you could render that out for me... I actually just want to know whether it works and what it looks like, but my computer keeps shutting down because of a Maya over load i think... Basically this message is just to ask what your email address is so i can send you the scene to be rendered... Cheers

Foot Towards City Renders...

Here's various test renders of the foot towards city shot... I've just been playing around with the composition and models in the scene to see what works and what doesn't... I've duplicated the ground plane that Earl modeled and put it on the opposite side of the river. I think this looks better... Please give feedback on the what elements you like from the images, if any...

Image #1:

Image #2:

Image #3:

Image #4:

Image #5:

Image #6:

Image #7: