Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Tuesday 14th December Meeting Agreements...

Here's a breakdown of who's working on which scenes over christmas:


- Factory Exterior Shot.
- Meteor Shots.
- Dumpster Rolling Shot.
- Glowing In Dumpster Shot.
- Tank Shots.
- Rushing Car Shot.


- Alien Body.
- Production Line Interior Shots.
- Alien Foot Towards City Shot.
- Corridor Shot.
- Alien Walking Shot.
- Army Marching Shot.
- Searchlight Shot.
- Final Tail Shot.


- General's Chest Shot.
- Newspaper Shot.
- Plan/Blueprint Shot.


- Scientist.
- Production Line Interior (Scientist Animation).
- Meteor Explosion Shot.
- Scale of Monstrousity Shot.

Ethan and Jolanta:

- Confrontation Shot.

Communication will be key over the christmas holiday and we want these scenes rendered or ready for rendering by the time we get back for christmas... This will allow us to pop them into Premier and give us sufficient time to edit the sequence to a more refined final product ready for screening...


  1. okay, so what your saying is im now doing the blueprint and newspaper shots? so why was it said i werent when i was there and clearly asked? also Im doing the millitary scene

  2. Yh dude, i remember you askin about the blueprint shot and how it would roll out and stuff, and i think Jolanta was talking to you on how to do it... The newspaper shot was always yours cos i think you said you had a good idea for it and as for the military scene, we thought of taking it out from the trailer cos we weren't sure if you'd be able to get it done over christmas, but ofc it would be cool if you can that scene done...