Sunday, 12 December 2010

Toymaker Can Dance Now

To my own biggest surprise I finished skinning and rigging our character. All is set and working, so far to my knowledge, without any glitches. I might still edit skin weighting..
Next step - blend shapes for his facial animation.

I think it would be very useful if you all suggest what kind of expressions he'd need..
But as I ran through the storyboards, it seems we see his face and reactions only two brief times ( when he turns back to the sound of alarm, and when he looks at the toy before throwing it out)


  1. Haha, dancing toymaker! going by our story, if we see his face twice, then we need a shocked face for the alarm, and a sad/disappointed face for when he throws the toys out.

  2. Yola, this guy is looking PIMPING! well done! I'd say a look of sorrow for the toy....and and confusion at the alarm?

  3. yeah... something more subtle, to suit his "cool" persona.