Friday, 24 December 2010

Toyland Sign/Work Update

Hey guys, so I've almost finished texturing this piece of work, as you all know it was already modelled, this is a pre textured version, accept the lighting, because im still in the midst of that part but I thought i'd upload it for the Progress Sheet

In terms of animating, and thoughts? or still the clean swoosh to the right?

Also, in regards to the other parts, I have modelled the everything, it just needs a slight bit of refining :) I'm just sorry I havent been able to contribute as much as before, not having maya, but i've managed to use jacks computer whilst he's at work for these parts, so that's good!


  1. thats cool bob, i'll stick it in the progress sheet... can you just give me a percentage of how far that scene is complete? cheers

  2. In terms of animation, have the lights flicker once or twice. Just to give it some life, as opposed to what could be seen as a static image

  3. Okay, I'd roughly say aorund 60-65% complete, and you mean like new vegas earl :P no i understand about the flickering lights, that was an idea I had for a while...