Thursday, 2 December 2010

Time Efficiency... Production Line Scene...

I've been looking at the specific camera shots and angles in the sheets JJ did and for the second shot in the production line scene, where we see a close up of the toy maker picking up the rejected toy, the camera is positioned so we can see what is behind the toymaker. However, this would mean that i needed to model the other half of the factory, is it worth considering a different camera position, or did you want me to model what's behind him as well?


  1. I think we could just change it round? So the camera is pointed at the windows when he picks it up as opposed to behind him at the wall. That saves you the time and could look very good with the light coming in from the window...

  2. I think as long as the shot has the important elements: surroundings suggesting factory, toy box, scientist and most importantly the "entrance" to the waist disposal,(empathising the toy is about to be thrown away) camera can face any side of the factory.
    Yeah, so don't model the other side :)