Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Texturing Toymaker. Problems :/

I'm not sure... why or what.. but apparently there are problems with texturing..
for example face skin texture no matter if without alpha chanel stays trasnparent. even if I recreate the texture using blin/lambert.. :/

Also Jacket seems to cause some starngeness..  I tried smoothing few times, checked face normals, recreated shader.. but the problem ( blackish squares all round it) stays.. weird.

Also.. I used lambert as shader.. but it seems ( particularly in the close up of tie) that it has some glossy reflectivity.. Im confused :/

Textures have simple colour and slight bump added.. I'm not too concernded to finish  texturing the toymaker completely, since we can do that after holidays. It won't stop any other processes...


  1. Is the face texture .tiff? Wouldn't be suprised if it still has an Alpha channel in there. Just save it as jpeg and plug that in, break connection with the Transparency channel.

    The black weird shading tends to mean there's a problem with the geometry. Can you upload a wireframe so we can see what's going on please?

    I rarely use Lambert, mostly Blinn/Phong. You can actually turn Blinn into a Lambert just by tweaking its settings anyway, but you get more control.

    If you don't want any gloss in certain areas, you'll have to plug in a specular map that's entirely black for those areas.

  2. Yep, they are all tiffs..But I checked for Alpha chanel to be deleted and the texture reloded :/ weird again.

    Thanks for help :)