Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tank Scenes Playblast

Here are the playblasts for the 'Tank Aims Up' and 'Tanks Move' scenes along with a draft render. The scene itself is missing the back plane and the addition lighting to make it chaotic, this is just to see the tanks.

Tanks Aim Up:

Tanks Move:

I've kept the timeing to what Ethan posted and pre-production work.


  1. The second playbloast is wrking nice Earl :) And it is the one we intendded in our storybords/animatic/script. And I see, as we all agreed, some scenes need couple o angles, so again, nice one :)
    Also I believe you have one more shot described in you scene list, which is tanks aim up shot.

  2. Yeah, a front shot of aiming up and a side shot of tanks moving is what I want to get done tonight when I have a window of spare time :)

  3. cool Earl, :) Hope you're still in festive mood though :) New Years still to come!

  4. mince pies, sugar mice, tanks....

  5. haha, tanks is all we need at christmas...
    Don't worry Jolanta, I'm still christmassy, this was only when I found a second of spare time. Not sure if I'll find anymore this week but hey ho.