Saturday, 11 December 2010

Tank and Jeep Texture

I decided to go drastic and completly overhaul the textures with some shaders/textures I put together. I wanted to keep both vehicles very similar in terms of some colour/asthetics and camo.

The lighting is clearly placeholder until I get the battlefield up running this afternoon for your viewing pleasure tonight.


  1. Hey, i see you chose to go for procedurals. And it is pretty much working.

    Something weird is happening with the texture, it has white edges .. is it because of the tecture colours chosen or because of the bump?

    Because then I think you really need to take it off . Create different bump which would add "noise" to vehicles, suggesting scratches ect.
    i believe its achieved by playing around with one of the 3-dimentioanlly projected textures ( liek fractal ect.) if you play around with contrasts's and amplitudes you'll get that desired feel. :)

    windows could be dark green-blue and more reflective.

    also I suggest to go and choose reflected colour (for example it could be pale cyan or sickly yellow)

    So I think that could help make things more interesting :)

  2. I'll make the changes now.
    As for the white edges, I'm pretty sure is because of the lighting and the reflections, not the texture or bump, but I'll have a look.

  3. Its the light reflecting onto the bump causing the white edges. To combat it, I've lowered the reflection and Bump depth. I think thats fixed it.