Thursday, 2 December 2010

Production Line Scene Thus Far...

So here's where i am with the production line scene so far. i've updated the posters to JJ's new version, which i absolutely love :) I also added in a new conveyor belt so that boxes can go into the wall at the back and the other conveyor of boxes can come out of the wall. Other than that, i think it's all about making the last few changes and additions and i believe this scene will almost be ready. I'm going to add one power machine on the left hand side of the shot between the closest conveyor and the shelf on the left, which im looking for a design to model.


  1. Yeap, I agree with what you've said.

    Another thing, I can't push my work forward, since all the files ( city scene, character's body fully modeled ect.) are in uni :/ So I can't prepare character for aniamtion or finish the set and have it ready :/ What a bummer ...

  2. It's just one of those things Jolanta. If you can't do the work because of things beyond our control then there you go... :(

    On note though, Really liking this Ethan. It's pretty much refining it to when your happy

  3. I know what you mean JJ, in need to use the uni computers, cos mine's starting to struggle to handle some of the scenes, plus the army men scene is in uni and i wanna sit down and get some help with a few things from alan... stupid snow! :P

  4. oh well... :/ It doesn't look it will be open tomorrow aswell .. I just need five minutes.. :/

    but yeah. I'm working on texturing, painting regardless I don't have the UV layouts on hand..
    Also the its never a problem to create shaders in maya and then just import it to the correct scene. So yeah, I'll try and push this forward :)

    Happy to see you two are doing the same :)

  5. Hi People

    Scene is looking good. One improvement however - DIRT!. Its all a little clean, the floor, coveyors, etc. Also, vary the geometry - Everything is a little too perfect at the moment (e.g. the legs of the coveyor)