Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rushing Millitary Cars Animation reference

This is mainly focused to Earl, because he'll be doing that scene. Film we   saw today  The Mist,  might be very usefull for referencing camera work.  Honestly.. if you payed attention to camera work at any time, it was genius, to my mind.

But to put in in practise, on 7:00 you see the camera work when rushing military cars pass.
My suggestion is take a clear note on timing, camera position, secondary elements ( possible camera shakes, aditional elelements which add up to scenes interests ect.) 


  1. Yeah, I'll keep this in mind :) I like the almost hand held camera stlye it has to add to the feeling of urgency. I'll definatly being using the quick swipe from front to back which enhances the urgency feeling.

  2. yep :)I think these references just take milions of problems away :)