Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Readjusted Waist Disposal Scene

As I promised, I took and filled/ retextured waist disposal scene as it  is going to be in close up for.. one third of the whole trailer.

First I got rid off what the scene won't need when rendering, so this is what is left:

(A huuuuge note to Earl and infact to all of us: I did know your ( as well as ours)  scenes are expensive... But in many ways they are unneceserilly too elaborate. You can definetly afford to get rid of lots of geometry (all the everyting (!) we don't see , that is in the factory, inside waist disposal, beneath the ground plane, ect.)

Reduce geometry in  other proprs aswell ( ground plane can work perfectly with one fift of the faces, its not sculpted or anything.

think of what kind opf lights to use. Ambient for eah one of the windows is much less usefull as one spot light with high intenisty.

My computer.. didn't render the set at all. I then ... spent...  some time changed, reduced or did what ever to make the scene simplier and.. there you go , it renders again!

It's ok if we are waiting for single image to post on blog, but.. if we need 3000 frames.. it will take ages and computers will crah :/

I suggest revisiting your scenes and making necesary adjustments on seperate scene file, because all of us know now, what shots we have therefore what we do or don't need.

Anyways, here is the set readjusted:

Only main box is missing... :)


  1. Hey Jolanta,
    one thing we didn't think about... I'm going to need the new textured dumpster and contents for the meteorite hit and glowing box scenes. Can you upload this scene to a file sharing site such as MediaFire, so I can download it and incorporate it into the factory scene as a whole.

  2. Hey,good point! :)

    Here it is

  3. lookin sexy! just a note....maybe take the bin lid that's missing, and put it on the floor on the floor near it?

  4. Jolanta says 'cut, cut, cut!' :D

  5. Yeah, I was thinking to add that, but then though, maybe we should leave the scene "tidy" as if , oh, everything is so calm and so much as usual, but then meteor crashes! and we bring disorder after that
    Basically I imagine Earl's scenes will be sort of trashed all over the place.

    And yeah, cutting is what ouir scenes cry for (not content wise though) :)

  6. yeah i see what you mean, but i hthink it needs somthing there...can it not be propped open againt the wall?

  7. Good Idea, It kind of makes sense