Sunday, 5 December 2010

Rescheduling Meeting Time

Hey Guys! It feels déjà vu now, but.. Again…For next two days I’ll be in Canterbury with UCA. A commitment I had before any snow problems and everything like that. So I won’t be able to come to the meeting. 
But just to say, I’ll take files off base room computers, so if everything as planned in these few days I’ll lay out character’s UV’s and upload another still of city set finished.
And as for meeting, I strongly recommend meeting Wednesday and working that day on our stuff together, so we could discuss it as well.  (If you can’t come Earl, it’s fine).

And as always, post any progress if there is any done :)


  1. gahhhh that's kinda poo, never mind haha. I've almost done the newspaper textures. I thought to do 3 different ones, so we could fill scenes laying subtle information. I did one 'pre-alien' one 'terrorist threat evac' and one stating 'alien invasion'....also, im using images from our work we've done already to make it more orignal. I thought to fill it with some little easter egges, like those names of 'cafe's etc....could you tell me them again? I missed that specific talk :(

  2. Well, if Bob, Ethan and I need to talk on Tuesday, we can. As for Wednesday, I have to be somewhere that afternoon but I'll be setting my alarm early in the morning to work through the morning :)

  3. Oh yeah bob, we have
    'caligaris cafe'
    'super 8 photography'
    I can't remember if there was more...
    Look at my old posts, I put up images of them from Maya :)

  4. apart from that we had monster attack for our film screening title , and godzilla for posters of upcomming film.