Monday, 20 December 2010

Progression Sheet...

Here's the progression sheet including the progression of the scenes i've been working. I will send you each a copy of the template for you to update your own progress this far, and if you send me each of your own sheets back, i can integrate them all into one sheet. I think this should be a weekly update, if not, half a week to keep and maintain our progression of scenes.


  1. Thanks Ethan! This is so good, we definitely needed a visual representation of the progress :)
    Glad you sorted it out :)

  2. Actually , I looked not at the sheet, I think, In next few days I'll add images onto sheet, cause even though I have the set its not yet suited specifically to each scene ( for example I need to do footprint , preprare dumpster ect.)
    I just finished completely the character so I'm on to finilising the rest of shots, :)

  3. *(not looked not, but looked at the sheet)