Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Progression Sheet Update 22-12-2010...

Here's the update of the progression sheet including the progression of Jolanta's scenes. Looking at this already, i can tell that despite having four different modellers, we have managed to keep the style in each and every scene so that they will fit together and match in our trailer. This is looking really impressive and hopefully our renders and editing will continue our successes so far.
Just to clarify:
- Who's doing the Toyland logo shot?
- Jolanta's in charge of the toymaker discarding box shot, right?
- Who's in charge of the box over shoulder shot?
- Bob's in charge of the newspaper shot, General's Chest shot and Blueprint shot, right?
- I'm in charge of the Foot towards city shot, alien walking shot, and tail shot, right?
- Jolanta and I are both in charge of the Creator Confronts Creation Shot, right?
These are the remaining shots on the list, so i justed wanted to confirm who's in charge of what so there is no confusion...


  1. Yeah, I was going to ask about those scenes.

    I'm not sure about the Logo...

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that Jolanta is during the 'discarding toy' as it features the Toymaker

    I'm also not sure about the over the shoulder shot. It features the meteorite so that would say me, but it is all apart of Jolantas box discard operation, so that would say her...

    Yeah, those scenes are Bobs

    Yep, you got the actual alien shots so that is the tail and stuff.

    And you and Jolanta are teaming up to take on the final scene, because it features both Alien and Toymaker.

    Hopefully thats cleared some up and the others, we'll have to wait for the others :)

  2. You guys are cracking on with it - and this visual diary is a neat touch - and very communicative. I'm very excited at seeing this project come to fruition - so maintain your enthusiasm, keep talking, keep working together, and bring on week 15! :)

  3. hey guys, sorry I've been out of it....Im ill lol....but im gunna try push through doing the logo, blueprint newspaper and generals shect...though i still dont know what to do bout the military base...also I have some questions in terms of the actual animation of some of these pieces?

  4. i'd say leave out the military base cos i've been thinking about it and i think the cut from the general's chest to the marching army men would work a lot beter than putting a military base shot in between the two shots...

  5. Me and Jolanta where talking about the base, and its a hell of a lot of work for you for a scene that is practically 2 seconds on screen. Just focus on the others :)

  6.'s just i don't want to feel like im letting you lot down that's all :(

  7. Yeah , i think we agreed that there's no longer any time left for military base, so do the rest you have, aprt from blueprints , I took that from you, cause I have all the shots where we see scientist. SO thats sorted for you. if you have any questions, just make a particular post on specific questions , and I believe we all together will help :)

    And yeah, we agreed Bob should finish the logo shot fully.

    I'm doing the whole of waist disposal scene up till it rolls to the open field of toy factory ( where Earl takes it ) so including the box over shoulder shot

    And I believe, you are right on all the other notes you made. :)

  8. aha, that clears it up. So your going to do the box up until the roll. Does that include the impact, or it that me, as it leads into the roll?

  9. I think I'm doing the impact, the roll goes to you :)