Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Progression Sheet Update 21-12-2010...

Here's the updated version of the progression sheet including the images and percentages that Earl has sent me. If you could send me the images you've used in the progression sheet you posted Jolanta, that would be brilliant and i'll be in charge of updating it so we have everything in one sheet. Here's my email: this.is.why.im@hotmail.com ... Keep up the good work guys. I'm also going to post a breakdown of how long each shot should be as i think this will

be helpful for test and final renders of our scenes.


  1. i'll post my stuff up soon guys, just had some stuff to sort out before :)

  2. that'll be cool bob :) can you just send me a rendered image of your scenes when you can and a rough perecntage of their completion