Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Production Line Playblast Beam View Shot...

Here's a playblast for the shot of the production line from the beam view. This will match the pan of the exterior factory shot, making a smooth and fluid transition into the interior. At the moment the boxes stop at the end of the conveyor belt, this is something i still need to look into as i want them to fall into the container. But i'm really happy with the motion path of the boxes along the conveyor belt, i just need to make them less generic. The all we need to do is match the motion of the pan with the exterior shot, animate the toymaker in the scene, and finalise any textures and lighting.


  1. the camera moves at the same speen ad production line toys.

    make the camera move lot slower.

  2. Yeah, I feel it has to move just a litte slower, but other then that, its nearly there :)

  3. yeah, the idea of shot is great! cause now in all films I'm noticing this used. really cinematic