Sunday, 12 December 2010

Particle effects: Water, Smoke + misc

So today I've been working hard on getting smoke and water working:

The Water and Smoke

(Smoke looks awesome when moving)

There are also these that I found (they may only be on 2011). There files already in maya and make an excellent explosion and fire. I thought maybe the explosion for when the meteor hits the dumpster, and the flames could maybe be used on the city during the shots to show damage. Only still images from the animation at the moment because my render is giving me an error, but I'll fix that.


  1. yeah! we definitely need some hot stuff :D especially for the shots with tanks, to show some explosions in the background, some crazy lighting to suggest everything is under bombing ect.
    Also is it possible to change the colour of smokes for chimneys?
    I'd suggest to make it eather dark green or dark wine red ( also if you remember a slight glowing light just on the edge where smokes leave chimney ) and all the detailes then are set in places.

    Oh, and the water, I
    lets also make it darker :/ just so it doesn't take too much attention
    and it is very important to build a "fence" or .. I don't know, something where water is touching the planes. It looks very unnatural otherwise.

    But Earl. I believe we've discussed those things before.. I kindof feel bad writting about them again :/ so better don't rush, I think it is best to get all the details down and then upload the work for us :)

  2. I'm not sure about the smoke colour, but I'll have a look.

    As for the water, I built a cliff around the water because as we discussed, it's very hard to do water splashing up the bank, but I'll lower a part to emphasise a conection between the planes.