Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Night time in the factory...

Here's a night time render of the facory, i was just wanted a render of the scene so far and decided that after playing around with the light settings, i would go for a night time shot... More modelling to be added just to fill the scene up a bit more, as well as the inclusion of posters of the toy and a clock which i thought was a nice touch that JJ has added in the animatic. I'm currently looking at factory equipment to fill the scene up a bit more, but not too much as i think it's already starting to get there. other than that, i will need to add more boxes to the shelves and change them to the actual packaging for the toy...


  1. That lighting is fantastic. Incredibly atmospheric. This will look amazing moving with the shadows dancing across the room

  2. I want to cry :D
    this somehow makes me so happy :D :D

  3. and yes, at least in nightime, it looks fantastic, no more detail needed, apart from ofcourse, textures, posters ext