Saturday, 11 December 2010

Military Vehicles

Another attempt at the texturing process which clearly isn't my forte :)

I've got rid of the white edges on the texture which was caused by the bump map and the reflections, as well as changing the colour of the windows along with higher reflections. I also changed the reflection colour to a sickly yellow.

Without Mental Ray lights

Please keep in mind that there apperance should be slightly different when I put them into the lit enviroments that there meant to be in.


  1. Yeah I see, this is better :)
    But Earl,I believe the camouflage colours are far les contrasty

    If you took another look at the coloured storyboards of mine you'd see we went for merely noticabl;e differences in camouflage, cause our art dierection - green and tones of green ( warm greens cold greens) ect.
    though these are good, I only suggest to bring down the contrast

  2. So different shades of green yeah? Ok, I'll get right on it :)