Monday, 27 December 2010

The Making Of...

Right guys, now's the time to start thinking about the making of as we are coming to the rendering stage of many of our scenes. Obviously we need to include Pre-Production, Prodcution and Post-Production, But i think we should discuss what we want to include under these sections and in what order things should be. Also, an idea of a layout/design for the pages would be muchly appreciated.

Here's a few ideas for sections we could include:

- Contents
- A section about Void Canvas with a group photo.
- Film Synopsis

- Research

- Storyboards
- Concept Art
- Marketing Campaign
- Pitch


- Breakdown of each scene with comments from the members involved. Including wireframes and models.


- ???

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  1. Yeah, these ideas for what we'll include are great :) Though I wouldn't rush ourselves to get the specifics of what we're going to include in our making of. I think when the scenes are baked we'll see which one are the most "photogenic" :)