Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Instead of meeting

So.. a lot of snow today I see.. 
Ok, because we weren't able to  arrange a meeting this week, I thought it will be enough for us to discuss our work on blog.

I think it would do good for us to share  what are we working on . 
Quite obviously we see what Earl is doing, but could other group member (me including) quickly leave a comment what is their progress and on what are they working. 
We are in a very good position to work independently, since we have discusses the direction and details previously.


  1. So, I myself am working on scientist's head.
    In the second half of the day, I'll be gathering and finalysing textures for the sity set. If today is successful, the set will be finished completely, the scientist ready to be painted on ( I just need to take few files from uni when its open)

  2. An update on what I'm currently working on:
    I've moved onto finalising the factory with some new details so I should have the fully complete model by the end of the day. And with that finished, so will all my models and I can finally move onto texture and lighting my scenes. :)

  3. awesom Earl! :)Looking forward to that!

  4. I was trying to finish the corridor scene, but my computer doesn't seem to handle a batch render for that, so i just need to finish that in uni, but ive animated the lights flickering and the camera shaking, i just need to refine them a little. I attempted the spotlight scene again, but i think it's best if i see alan about that one and also the alien leg. The army men scene is at uni so i need to finish that there. I'm currently about to work on the production line some more...