Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hey guys

hi everyone, im just dropping you this post to say im not dead! I have been watching wats going on, and everythings seems great :) i just feel like im in no position to talk about anyones work atm because I havent been able to do a considerable amount seeing as I havent got maya at home :( and my plan was this week to power through, but hello snow...that seems to of messed that one up :( I guess im just apologising for the lack of me tbh.....and hope I havent got you worried.

Apart from that, is there anything un-maya related I could do for the time being? i feel like im sitting around like a wet lemon waiting for the snow to go lol


  1. hey Bob.

    I was thinking about what non-maya related you could do.. I'm in the same position, since all files are at uni..

    So Id suggest you to have the textures ready.
    For example, I believe you have a newspaper shot,. So design the layout, titles, picture of screaming crowds, or person.

    Also, you can prepare toy's structure plan, for the shot when scientist unpacks the plan.

    other than that I believe you have a range of textures you could work on:
    ground textures
    general's chest

    I'd recoment runing through the list of scenes you have and see what 2d work can be done on them.

    and well.. hope to see another post under your name I guess :D

  2. Hi Bob

    Jolanta is right. Get 'Photoshopping' and make the most of the time. There's an opportunity here to make a good job of some things that otherwise might have been done in a hurry.

  3. Hey it's Bob! :)
    Yeah, snow has thrown everyone a little, so just find things that you can do without Maya for now.
    Also, don't feel like you shouldn't comment on the our work. Your input is always important!