Wednesday, 1 December 2010


These are the posters. I've referenced 50's posters, also tried to put our ideas. As we decided to go for an ironic message, when posters are in the city we see it saying : I'm here to play! When in fact the city is empty because of this toy.
I thought stars in the background are both a relatively cheesy element ( for 50's style match) and links to the origin of the alien toy: he came from space.
But let me know your thoughts...


  1. Oh nice idea with the stars! And they look good!

  2. thanks!
    Also, I wanted to say, did you know there are car shaders, they are actually called car shaders, in maya? in mental ray .
    so you could use them :)

  3. Car shaders? Can't say I have... I'll look into it :)

  4. Simon, guy who comes wednesdays showed them. They are definitely there. You have to turn on mental ray and in hypershade go to mental ray shaders and theres even a variety of specialy-car made metal shaders to chose from.

  5. Filled with an explosion of cute. Looked at this with a big grin!