Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Factory Lighting

The Lighting for the factory scene, obviously the textures aren't there yet (tomorrow people :) )but I've put the lighting (courtesy of Jolanta) into it and tried to create an 'eeriee, uncanny' look. I also added a spotlight to try and shroud the city back plane in darkness. The only lighting missing is the chimney, which you won't see until the smoke and the light to make the water visible, because that's not there yet.

As for props, I just need Bobs Toyland Sign (which will add another light) and I need to add Ethans Dumpster :)

Woo, I know we are all working really hard and with Christmas around the corner, we are all going to be doing stuff related to that, but take solace in the fact that our trailer is going to be f***ing amazing from what I've seen :)

Edit: Can you tell me how dark or light it is for you? When I look on my PC and Laptop it seems to be right brightness, but when I look on my iPad, its REALLY dark to the point of unseeable.


  1. Earl, this is looking suitably moody :D
    I'm happy to see you're so thrilled :D
    Yes, I believe bobs sign, (as also I'd suggest lighting from the inside of the factory with yelowish, white coloured light).
    or ( this is what I've used) there is another technique wich creates the impression of fog at the same time, is applying bright, low intensity glow onto each window plane .

    I don't know if this is any efficicent regarding rendering, but.. it looks nice :D

  2. Oh yeah, I did try the window lighting yesterday, but totally forgot today :) I'll do that soon.

  3. Buy the way, we nalso need a rim light for the factory, ( so it is connected and affects only the factory) of say.. cold bluish, but brighter than any other lights in the scene, colour

    This one, Bob's sign light and the lightinf from inside of the factory ( or as I described, the glow) will help for the factory to stand out , because now it kindof wants to disappear in the green entirely.

    SO, few tips and techniques that might be useful :)

  4. But yeah.. I took anpother look.. definitely...
    The style, level of details, lighting.. are working its magic.. imagine it with textures.. I'm thrilled myself :D

  5. Looking very moody - and I'm sure you're on this already - but some additional lighting on the (I presume) backdrop might be necessary? It just seems odd that no lights are on in those towerblocks? But, yes - I'm really looking forward to seeing these environments come further alive. Exciting stuff.

  6. I get you Jolanta, I'll add a light to bring the factory more forward

  7. in my monitor it looked purely perfect, but in base room's computers.. like you said, its almost unseenable :/