Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Factory Exterior

And finally the exterior of the factory. This is proberly the model that I have spent the most time just going back to, as I do struggle with exterior shots in Maya. Because of this I just focused on one prop at a time. I have also tried to keep it as close as possible to JJs city scene, so the city follows the same basic architechure. But really it was for our art style.

Props included:
Two new windows (one for top, one for bottom)
New Pipe for the toy to come out off
Wooden boxs and Barrels for an industrial look
Added the car to the carpark
Added terrain, which includes hills and things like that make it look like terrain

Things Missing:
JJ's back plane
The Dumpster (which is currently snowed in)
Smoke Particle effect

Enough Talk:



  1. Yep, the factory hal the "weight" now. Stylized, but still lots of info in the scene to trick the eye. I mean, great :)
    Also add slight varietion to the ground, sloghtest of bumps ect. as we imagined it to be out of the city, therefore like in the field shot it has uneven surface

  2. Yeah, I added the bumps to the place out of shot... oops. I'll add them into the gaps between the road and around it.

  3. I was thinking for the lighting of this scene... what if you reached for the same effect when we were in the Uncanny Valley..
    the cold, lonesome street lights.
    just above the car.
    above the waist disposal,
    somewhere close to the street sign.
    the smoking chimneys could as well have a slight cyan-green glow light just in the contact place where smokes leave the chimneys

    other than that its night time so we could have some fairly dim ambients ( I used bluish from one side, green from the other)

    these are only suggestions of what I'd see it. But you've mastered this set, so I guess you'd come up with some good ideas as well :)

  4. Great minds think alike it seems. I was aiming for that kind of feeling to match Ethans interior.